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Our wines best tell about our company, what we do, the hard work in the vineyard, the harvest, the accurate winemaking process. Their flavors and smells condense the story that leads the precious nectar from the vineyards to the barrels and bottles.

Wine tells who made it and how they made it. Just listen to it.


Ours is a winery located on the hills around Tolentino, in the province of Macerata. It is a particularly suitable area for viticulture and winemaking, due to the characteristic and very favorable climate of the territories at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains, which provide shelter from bad weather coming from the West. For this reason our vines, nestled on the hillsides, are an authentic heritage that we jealously conserve, and whose fruits we reserve the most accurate processing, passion, devotion and enthusiasm for the quality they give us.

The typical wines of the Marches find the ideal environment here. In particular the Maceratino, or Ribona, which is peculiar to the Macerata area, and gives its best in these foothills. But obviously Sangiovese, Montepulciano delle Marche and the other vines with which the best Marche wines are made could not find a more favorable location. 

The company collects the legacy of our ancestors: a great knowledge of the territory, its fruits and its climate, of the traditional techniques of cultivation of the vines and those of winemaking.

It is knowledge gained with concrete experience, over the course of several generations, which we still apply in the vineyard, with our manual processes, which respect the soil and the development of the vines. Equally traditional are our winemaking techniques, which aim to preserve the naturalness of the flavors and smells of the freshly harvested grapes. Nonetheless, we make use of modern technologies, when they are coherent and indeed enhance the natural processes which lead from the grape to the wine.

As a tribute to the generations of the family that preceded us, to express gratitude for the knowledge they have handed down to us, many of the wines we produce bear the name of our predecessors.

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