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red berries

Our territory is known for its particular climatic conditions and for the composition of the soil, which are very favorable for viticulture.

In this ideal context, the two most common red grape varieties in the Marche region give their best: Montepulciano and Sangiovese.


As is well known, in the Marche region these vines find peculiar expressions, of very high value, with characteristics that cannot be found elsewhere.

Not only when the respective grapes are combined to originate the blends of Rosso Piceno or Rosso Conero, but also when they are vinified alone, when the intention is to enhance their own characteristics, the flavors and aromas that distinguish the fruit.

Therefore the wines that are drawn from it can rightly be counted among the typical wines of the Marches, or among the most prestigious wines of the Marches.


Our company is very attentive to the selection of red berries and takes particular care of the vinification, starting from the soft pressing, which allows us to preserve the original freshness and fragrance of the grapes in the wine.

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